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Custom private label dog treats made to order in the USA. Cold extruded soft nutritional private label dog, cat, horse treats. We have a lot of formulas.

Private label probiotic dog treats, Private label cat and horse treats. Choose from private label hip joint dog treats for your private label, maybe add CoQ10, curcumin, and other ingredients. Flipping flea treats is a all natural way to repel fleas, and flying insects without chemicals for your private label dog treat. We have all kinds of formulas to make a custom private label dog treat for you that allows you to target a niche inside of a market without breaking the bank.

Bags or jars? You decide. Need a lot or a little. 60 up to 105 per package. Proven bacon flavor dogs love!

Design, manufacture, build, and sell your private label dog treats around the globe.

Custom four color printing. Use our inhouse graphics to develop your private label dog treat packaging simply and easily on budget. Need a window on the bag, easy, done, free, front and back.

Into jars, we have all kinds of jars with great looking labels to add to the jar to make it really pop. How about a colored lid on you private label dog treat jar, we can do that!

Dog treats are a $5 Billion market and growing every year in the highend nutritional sector.

Crunchy dog treats. Freeze dried. How about duck, chicken, beef, pork, and add in some veggies, now you have the ultimate private label dog treat with real natural benefits.

Dental treats are great sellers that save on pet dental visits.

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