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private label dog probiotics| private label dog supplements
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TURN KEY APPROACH .... Graphics for labels and bags in house, custom four color bags in sixteen business days, labels in six. Trademark attorney on staff to keep you from getting pulled off the market, DVM on contract, Product photography, 3d renderings in house, and real private label product insurance to cover you in North American and options for additional coverages. Oh, yes, not two fat guys in the basement making Private label pet supplements and products, three USA FDA inspected plants, and GMP certified in the speciality of these products. We build it, help you design it and you sell it.  Our's is the custom approach and turn key approach to designing and making all natural private label pet supplements for dogs, cats, and horses. We make it so easy, if you can order a pizza or cook your favorite meal, then designing your custom private label dog, cat or even horse supplement is just as easy as point, click, send, and get started. We take the science out of it, but leave the ingredients in it. Please down load some of the pdf books I wrote to help you, and get going in the right direction. Note there are more cats in the USA than dogs, and cats are more profitable. Think about that! No company ships more private label pet supplements and treats into Amazon FBA world wide than us. Period. Together lets make something great, we got this! 45 days from graphics legal sign off to delivery, wow fast!

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 Private label dog probiotics, private label pet supplements for cats and horses.

       All Natural Always. Developed by Nature, Improved with Science.

We make some of the most niche and custom private pet supplements. We have more number one product launches on Amazon than our next two competitors combined! Private label dog probiotics, private label dog treats, and private label dog hip and joint supplements, plus private label dog, cat and horse supplements. We actually manufacture your private label dog supplements in the USA for buyers around the world to sell on Amazon and ecommerce sites. Some of our competitors do not even make the products they are selling and they have already sold that same product to lots of others, hurting your opportunity to sell private label dog probiotics and supplements. If you are looking to make your private label pet supplement product unique, outstanding and something with the latest health benefits for Furry People you are are the right place. If you can build a pizza you can build a great private label dog, cat, or pet supplement product.

We have over 1,880 combinations to truly let you customize your private label pet supplement product blend. Private label dog and cat probiotics that have 4 strains and 20 billion cfu up to 18 strains and 90 billion cfu.

FDA Approved Probiotic Strains Specifically For Pets!

More than any one on the market at this time. Our probiotics are made fresh for you, no store bought probiotics that are dieing in a warehouse. Also with private label dog flea repellent, private label dog hip and joint with glucosamine and more. We offer a lot of private label probiotics for dogs and cats. Also now private label dog Super Omega 3 supplement and we even added Omega 6 and Omega 9. More private label dog probiotic, hip and joint and optional ingredient supplement opportunities for you to build your brand. Private label pet supplements in pet invisible powders, private label dog treats, private label dog jerky and private label dog probiotic capsules to sprinkle over wet or dry food.

  No company can  offer you more custom combinations developed & made fresh, without any extra financial cost.

We have what you are thinking and wanting to sell!

Private Label dog probiotics and private label dog and pet supplements that are as unique as your goals.

To learn more on our private label pet offerings and get detailed spec Build Sheets simply fill out the form below and we will send you our information. You will be glad you did.


We make your private label dog probiotics, hip and joint, immunology, natural flea repellent, and our Super Omega products in a variety of sizes. We are always adding more in the catalogs and everything is all natural, made by us, and in the USA only. We have over 1,880 combinations.

You will never find a more comprehensive list of private label dog, cat and horse products ready for market with your name on them. Turnkey, fast to market and affordable opportunities for you and Furry People. Plus DVM approved private label dog, cat, pet supplements and probiotics.

We Speak Amazon Fluentially

Click any of the link buttons to read indepth and see some of the products we have made and learn more about the multi billion dollar pet industry and opportunities we bring to market in the USA and globally. We have more #1 Amazon Ribbon awards for our buyers than our next two competitors combined. Invest in your Private Label Pet Supplements and Private Label Dog Probiotics smartly. Small sellers to large multiple sku's or FNSKU's sellers make money with us. We see it in reorders and new product launches every month. More products passing the $1,000,000 mark than any pet private label manufacturer. If you sale the same as everyone else from our competitors you will have the same old diluted earnings. Invest smartly. Proven, Affordable, Entrepreneurial Private Label Dog Pet Cat Supplements and Probiotics. Nose to tail we make it.

More custom ingredients than anyone, at one set low price no matter what the commodity value due to our contracts and exclusive relationships. Mix and match your active ingredients.

All probiotics come with FREE Inulin Prebiotic because we are convinced Probiotics alone are not a good value for your product. Probiotics from 4 strains at 20 billion cfu all the way up to 18 strains at 90 billion cfu. Need more we can do that too.

Packaging: 2oz 4oz 6oz 8oz 12oz 16oz 32oz 2.75lbs

Bags four color custom made in 16 days, jars with four color custom labels in house 6 days. Done!


A sample of a few custom ingredients available and growing:

Maqui Berry, New Zeland Green Lip Mussel, PSB Nucleotide Enzymes, Icelandic Green Algae Kelp, Hawaiian Kona Berry, Organic Turmeric, Flax Seed meal, Chia Seed meal, Spirulina, Hemp Seed meal, Diatomaceous Earth, Organic Above Sea Coral Calcium with 74 natural earth minerals base material. More added each quarter.

Private Label Dog, Pet, Cat, Horse Probiotics and Supplements manufactured to your spec and sold world wide for ecommerce and Amazon

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Build your brand with unique award winning products.

Not the same old products everyone is selling which dilutes your profit opportunity!

private label dog supplements| dog supplements private label

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