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Private label dog supplements, private label dog probiotics, and private label dog hip and joint with or without CoQ10, and look at collagen. Collagen and CoQ10 are selling well on Amazon. Fast growing dog supplements in the market today. We win at Probiotic dog supplements, we have the top 50 USA and 1 number one private label dog probiotics according to in the USA, join the winners. Private label dog supplements are the real opportunity in online selling and on Amazon globally. We make custom private label dog supplements so no bumping into your product over and over again.  Our private label dog supplements are innovative, creative, and proven to work and sell in volumes on Amazon and other places. Your private label dog supplement idea should be to make something unique, creative, with marketing bite, and be fresh and smart in a unique niche sector of dog health. Our dog supplements are custom and private label only dog supplements only. We are not a broker and all private label dog supplements are made fresh and by us. Our private label dog supplements, private label dog probiotics, private label dog hip and joint, private label dog cbd supplements, and dog hemp supplements can be in the form factor of private label dog powder supplement, private label dog treats, or private label dog jerky. Six of our best volume buyers have been awarded 8 number one ribbons from Amazon and counting. Our smallest professional seller average $20k a month and our biggest across 10 sku's is averaging over 6 figures a month.  We have more awards than any private label pet manufacturer on Amazon at this time and more than our next two manufactures combined. This is where we fit in, in making your custom private label dog supplement, or a custom blend of private label probiotics for dog, cats, horses and all other pets, yes even birds and fish. Even though we have about eight current title products we are always creating new products and listening to market trends for ingredients. When you add 11 custom ingredients and 7 custom probiotic blend all the way up to 18 strains and 90 billion cfu delivering 5 billion per scoop it is hard to beat us. All ingredients have certificate of analysis by a third independent party, and your final product is made in our FDA inspected and GMP plant here in Florida. We offer more strains of probotics than anyone, and can make additional blends on request.

Odorless, tasteless, and pet invisible. Scoop included. Jars are double sealed and if we put your private label dog supplement or probiotics into bags they are heat sealed for safety. Easy to dose, and no chasing ever. Simply sprinkle on any wet or dry food, stress free for the pet and the owner. This makes repeat buyers your profit center. We ship more custom private label pet supplements than our two closest competitors to Amazon. Plus at our Florida plant we have two AMZ FBA's within twenty minutes. Make it, pack it, ship it, and on AMZ in 30 hours or less.

Private label dog probiotics, private label dog supplements, in jars, bags, or single serve pouches.  Private label dog jerky, private label dog treats.

We have more options than anyone.1,880 different combinations of active, and inactive ingredients, and packaging. We have more probiotic offerings than any manufacturer and we only have fresh not dead or old probiotics. We have the ingredients to make your product standout and very effective. FDA inspected GMP Certified. Four of our customers have been awarded the Best Pet Products in the country and in the top 50, plus one was rated number one! has one of our buyers rated #1 in the USA for dog probiotics. Call us or email us today!

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Need private label dog probiotics? We have 37 FDA approved probiotics. Custom offerings and they all include FREE Prebiotic Inulin. Why Inulin prebiotic, because if you do not anchor and encapsulate a probiotic there is a great chance it does not work. Inulin feeds and protects the probiotic and helps the probiotic do the job. So, we include it FREE! Why take a chance? Powerful probiotics that are fresh. Our P4 blend is 4 strains of probiotics at 5 billion cfu each for a total of 20 billion per package. Need more power? Our mega blend is P18 which is 18 strains of probiotics and a whopping 90 billion cfu, delivering 5 billion cfu per scoop or more. We can even custom make your private label dog probiotics for your private label dog supplement, just ask. 

Packaging Sizes: Jars or Bags: 4oz, 5oz, 6oz, 7oz, 8oz, 10 oz, 12oz.

Base material: No corn, no rice, no wheat. Organic Above Sea Coral Calcium with 74 natural minerals and other custom blends

Special and Exclusive Private Label Dog Supplement Ingredients:  Private label dog supplements can include probiotics, prebiotic Inulin, PSB Nucleotides, Turmeric, CoQ10, CBD, Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin, Probiotics, New Zealand Green Lip Mussel, Icelandic Green Kelp, Flax Seed Meal, Hemp Seed Meal, Chia Seed Meal, Maqui Berry, Hawaiian Kona Berry, Spirulina, Atlantic Menhaden Fish Meal for Omega 3 and 11 more! Private Label HIp and joint for dogs that make them young again. 

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Agatha's has been named #1 dog probiotic in the USA and #1 of of the top 50. We also had four other winners for our private label dog probiotic sellers. AMAZING PROOF!